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Outdoor Speakers !!

Outdoor speakers: We have Outdoor speakers from Proficient - JBL - Speakercraft - Episode ... and more. WE can wire patio speakers into your existing amp - or Sonos Connect Amp. Call or email today for a free quote.

New products for PM Systems: Luxul high performance routers - LG Commercial TV Monitors - Sharp TVs with Roku - Denon Heos music streaming system - Episode speakers & subwoofers - new LG OLED state-of-the-art TVs. Coming this fall ... the NEW SONOS PLAY:5


The easiest way to enjoy online video and music on your TV.

New Sony AV Receiver has all the goodies including Bluetooth and WiFi for streaming Pandora, Slacker, Apple iTunes AirPlay.  And 140 watts x7 channels surround.  For a stunning price of $499.

TV Vendors: Independent Dealers Still Matter 

OLED TV is here ... are you prepared?  <about OLED TV>

Klipsch is reissuing stereo recordings

made by founder Paul W. Klipsch in the 1950s to provide consumers with reference-quality program material.  Fans of the Klipsch brand "now have the opportunity to own a piece of company and overall industry history," the company said. more

Consumers shorten TV Life Span

Consumers worldwide are shortening the amount of time they take to replace their TVs, according to an NPD DisplaySearch survey released Tuesday.

According to NPD's Global TV Replacement Study, the global average TV replacement rate has dropped from 8.4 to 6.9 years. In the U.S., the average age of TVs in households that plan replacements in the next 12 months is 6.1 years; that number is 7.2 for TVs replaced a year ago. 

Unused Space?

What do you do with an underused loft space? Why, turn it into a dedicated home theater, of course! (read on)

New Wireless Mic Systems

Next day delivery on todays UHF wireless mic systems for your church or hall - choose clip-on, handheld or headset.  Installed & tested with care.

Powerline network extenders

We have the latest models in stock for connecting up your network Blu-ray players, Roku, Netgear, and Smart TVs.

New URC MX-780 Remote

Universal's most affordable color featured IR/RF remote - fully controls your audio & video, plus your room lighting!


Check back regularly for our latest bargains and new arrivals.


100watt Yamaha HDMI Theater System with Dolby 5.1 subsat speakers $499.99


Harmony Universal Remotes ... from $99


Install your Roku - AppleTV - Sonos - Pandora - or customized Network from $69


TV mounting a specialty - hundreds done - from $99


Network that streaming Blu-ray player - wired & wireless solutions


Help setting up your sound - TV - kitchen - bedroom or patio speaker plan

LG's Commercial Pentouch & EzSign Digital Signage TVs

Now available for immediate delivery from our Woburn warehouse in sizes from 32-60" LCD and Plasma. 


  • Touch Sensitive Stylus Control with Pentouch TV
  • Double the Detail with Full HD 1080P
  • Easy Picture Calibration with Picture Wizard II
  • Intelligent Sensor for Automatic Adjustments

  • EzSign TV

Is Hi Res Audio Making a Comeback?

Is High Resolution Audio Making a Comeback?

by Clint DeBoerlast modified May 16, 2012
Is High Resolution Audio Making a Comeback?

Is High Resolution Audio Making a Comeback?

We work pretty closely with CEDIA, and lately, they've been taking a good hard look at some signals that indicate high resolution audio may be making a comeback. For years, MP3s and compressed digital files have been growing in popularity and dominance, but a taste for fidelity seems to be creeping back into the market now that the flat panel craze is winding down. It's not winding down because people no longer like flat panel TVs - it's just that everyone now has one... or two or three - in their home. Even vinyl has experienced a revival among the hardcore purists (although we don't believe vinyl is necessarily "pure" given the nature of the recording process). In any case, and awakening into the world of high fidelity audio means that consumers are waking up to realize there is more out there for them to experience and enjoy.

Custom installers are rejoicing because high resolution audio is another market to be "re-tapped". It often involves greater care over how content is managed and stored, which leads to more involved solutions for whole home audio control and playback. While CD quality was the norm just a decade ago, now the bounceback from the MP3 craze is yielding an interest in  24-bit and 96kHz (or greater) file formats. On top of that, cloud-based music distribution seems to be hitting its stride and high resolution, and even surround sound audio downloads are ripe for the picking. Even Neil Young is apparently involving himself in the development of a new system, according to the consistent description gleaned from his six patent filings on the subject:

Audio and video recordings featuring music and artistic performances; high resolution music downloadable from the internet; high resolutions discs featuring music and video of music and artistic performances; pre-recorded digitalmedia containing audio and video recordings featuring music and artistic performances for storage and playback.

Online and retail store services featuring music and artistic performances, high resolution music downloadable from the internet, high resolutions discs featuring music and video, and pre-recorded digital media featuring audio and video recordings for storage and playback

With more resolution comes higher bit rates and larger file sizes. That means that storage and bandwidth will play even larger roles. Add to that the growing popularity of streamingmedia sources such as Netflix and Hulu Plus [or as we like to call it, Hulu Minus], and you get a home that has some pretty advanced networking and storage needs. For a custom installer who knows the ropes, this increased demand and a renewed fascination with high resolution audio can lead to bigger and more robust systems with, yes I'm saying it, more profit margins.

Want to find out more? We do. CEDIA is hosting a webinar on Thursday that will cover everything you need to know about adding high-res audio to your business's offerings. Join Rich Green for Success with High-Resolution Audio Sources: From Bits to DACs to Dollars on May 18 at 1 p.m. EDT / 10 a.m. PDT. This free one-hour webinar will give you a jumping-off point for creating revenue from projects that feature high-res audio.

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